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Welcome to Spirit Rock Ranch Studios.  Our studios are located in Conyers Georgia on our horse ranch.  Our main means of presenting our art is through shows throughout Georgia and a few galleries.  Feel free to contact us or give a look at upcoming shows to see where we will be next.


Growing up on a large ranch adjacent to the San Andreas Fault in central California, Nancy Morton-Linek was fascinated by the geology and saw artistic beauty in the processes that “rocked” her world. After a 25-year U.S. Army career, she finally had time to explore and share her love of Earth’s geologic wonders via artistic expression. Nancy experiments with techniques that uniquely create light, dimension and texture. She was selected as a featured artist in the 2016 Slumpy’s Catalog for her 2015 St. Simon’s Island Lighthouse panel. Her kiln-formed glass art can be seen at art shows around Georgia.


Tom Linek is a Retired Army Officer with 30 years of service.  As a professional photographer for over 40 years, he had often thought about working in other mediums, but had never pursued them.  His first venture into kiln-formed glass came during a class during a holiday.  His first project reproduced one of his photographs in a glass panel.  The results of his first project were outstanding and he had caught the bug.  As a scuba diver and underwater photographer, he enjoyed the movement of coral and grasses underwater and has worked to capture this flow in his glass vases.  His tangled lace vases reflect a unique perspective and have become his trademark. He continues to learn new technics and has become an accomplished glass tapestry artist working in the style of the late David Alcala. 

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